How financial services can help you grow as an individual or company

In Tanzania and many other African countries small business groups of enthusiastic men and women form the backbone of the country’s economy. In fact, they are reckoned to be the largest source of rural and urban incomes throughout the continent – accounting for most businesses across nearly every region.

For these micro businesses to grow, generate more jobs, and create economic growth within their communities, they need access to capital. Unfortunately, the majority of these vital businesses require better access to funding than is currently available to them and this is the single most restricting factor in their success.

Through it’s Kikundi Loan programme, Tujijenge Tanzania is making a positive contribution towards bridging the finance gap for small business groups by providing valuable working capital; helping groups make the investments needed for growth.

To qualify for a Kikundi Loan, individual members of a group comprising 15 to 35 people can apply to borrow up to Sh4,000,000 per member and repay the amount over up to 24 months. Payment responsibility is shared between all members of the group. Interested groups should contact one of our offices and discuss their needs with a financial consultant.