This significant new investment paves the way for the company to accelerate its growth ambitions and further support customers.

2021 saw Tujijenge Tanzania Financial Services Ltd receive a huge strategic financial and confidence building boost in the form of a Sh6 billion strategic investmens from LOLC Mauritius Holdings Limited. Through this investment, Tujijenge Tanzania has strengthened its capital base, enabling it to develop its business growth plans and fully meet its operational requirements.

About LOLC

Widely regarded as Sri Lanka’s most valuable globally diversified financial conglomerate, LOLC, has claimed the title of most profitable listed entity in the 28th Edition of the LMD Top 100 for 2020/21. This achievement marks the 3rd consecutive year LOLC has held on to the top spot.

Acknowledged as Sri Lanka’s most profitable corporate entity, its largest Non-Banking Financial Institution, and one of its most strategically diversified conglomerates, the LOLC Group is actively engaged globally in leisure, plantations, agriculture, renewable energy, construction and real estate, manufacturing and trading, technology, research & innovation and other strategic business sectors. As a leader in Sri Lanka’s MSME sector, the LOLC Group has been a catalyst in facilitating financial inclusion, whilst striving to maximize environmental benefits through green operations and processes in line with its triple bottom line focus.

After years as the premier organisation in the local market, the LOLC Group is now making giant strides overseas as well. With ambitions of replicating its local successes overseas, the LOLC Group has already built its reputation as a global leader in the multi-currency, multi-geography microfinance platform, operating Non-Banking Financial Institutions in eight countries. This achievement has been augmented by advanced technology platforms which have been designed by its Sri Lankan operations and which have been adopted by its overseas companies.

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